VIP Full Form: VVIP full form & Indian security measures

What is the full form of VIP?

VIP full form is a Very Important Person 


What is the full form of the VVIP?

VVIP full form is derived as Very Very Important Person.

Full form of VIP

VIP men/women are preserved as being more valuable than normal men/women but VVIP are preserved as being more valuable than a VIP.

Full form of VVIP

VIP and VVIP are people who are given exclusive jurisdiction and more Powers due to their importance in society, high status, place in a Cultural, social, economic activity.

NEFT full form

VIP full form

Political leaders like President of India, Prime Minister of India, CJI, Governor of States, Member of Parliament(MLA), Leaders of Political parties, Top value Company CEO, Bollywood celebrities, Sports Persons, spiritual leaders are the significant examples of VIP and V VIP.

VIPs and V VIPs in India

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India is the second number of the populated country, and the rank of China is first over the world in population. According to a research estimate, 5.8 lakhs VIP and VVIPs are in India. China has about 435 VIPs and VVIPs registered, U.K. has 84 registered VIP, and V VIPs, the United States of America has around 252 registered VIP and VVIPs

Examples of VIP and VVIP

Chief justice of India and others judges of Supreme court, President of India, Prime Minister of India, Members of Parliament (MP), state of Governors, Leaders of Political parties, Businessmen, Top Administrative Officers, Bollywood and other industry celebrities, Cricketers, Top value company CEOs, etc.

VIP and V VIP security measures in India

The security measures of VIPs and V VIP are most important because most of the factors depend on them. There are four types of security measures in India.

vvip full form
  1. Z plus Security
  2. Z Security
  3. Y security
  4. X security

Some people are shown SPG (Special Power Group) security as the fifth category, which provides only for Prime Minister(PM).

Responsible agencies of security

Special Protection Group (SPG), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo-Tibetan Border Police(ITBP), Special Protection Group(SPG), National Security Guards(NSG) are given Z+ securities.

1. Z plus Security Level

This protection is given to VVIPs like Political Leaders, Celebrities, Sportsmen, Leaders, Specialized individual categories.
Its proposals cover security measures 36 armed personal, including NSG (National Security Guards) and SPG (Special Protection Group). All these commandos are powerful in martial art and their field.

   Z plus security holder in India

This Z+ security provided Only some VIPs and VVIPs. At present, Z plus security provided to Prime Minister of Indian Narendra Modi, Home Minister of India Amit Shah, Utter Pradesh CM Yogiji Adityanath, Mohan Bhagavat, CJI Sharad Arvind Bobade, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and few others.

2. Z security Level

Z security comes after Z+ security. In this security, Around 22 armed members’ workforce protected the person, and around 4 or 5 National Security Guards and Police Personnel are included in 22 armed staffs.

Current situation, Z security is given to special VIPs like Guru Ramdev Baba, Amir khan, etc.

3. Y security Level

This is the second last level of security category in India. In this security, a person is protected by 11 armed members of the workforce, and around 1 or 2 Special Security Guards and Police Personnel are included in 11 armed staffs.

4. X security Level

This is the last level of security in which a person is protected by around two workforces.
No commandos and SPG included it’s provided only a personal security officer.

Other List of VIP and V VIP

In this article, We learn NEFT full form, RTGS full form, IMPS full form, NEFT and RTGS timing, UPI full form, NPCI full form. If you have query related NEFT, RTGS, IMPS asked in a comment section we have replied ASAP.

VIP full form List Category
Visibility Image And Positioning Business
Virginia Instructors Of Physics General
Virtually In-Person General
Virtual Internet Provider Internet
Value Incentive Programme General
Very Important Palestinian Funnies
Versatile Image Processor Computing
Volunteer In the Parks Environment
Very Ignorant People U.N.
Very Important Presence Community
Very Important Prayer Religion
Very Impressive Proportions Natural
Virtual Interactive Partnership Business
Very Important Price Unclassified
Vision Integrated Performance Physiology
Vehicle Investment Protection Transportation
Village Infrastructure Projects General
Versatile Image Projector General
Verified Identified Parentage Law and Legal
Victory In Partnership Education
Vegetative Insecticidal Protein Human Genome
Very Important Pet Vetersities
Very Important Problem Worldwide
Visually Impaired Person Law and Legal
Volunteers In Partnership Business
Very Important Player Sports
Voices In Praise Religion
Very Important Papers US Government
Village Infrastructure Project Community
Value In Partnership Business
Visual Information Projection Miliary
Visual Information Processing Physiology
Vanilla Ice Posse Music
Very Important Parents Community
Ventilated Improved Pit Miliary
Versatile Interface Processor Networking
Volunteers In Progress Company
Very Important Person Miliary
Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Physiology
Volunteers In Public Community  
Voices In Public Community  
Values, Influences, and Peers Community  
Volunteer Investment Program Community  
Very Innovative Product Business
Volunteers In the Park Community  
Visiting Important People Community
Very Important Partner Unclassified
Violence Is Preventable Unclassified
Video-Input Processor Unclassified
Virtual Internet Protocol Internet
Verified Independently For Performance Military
Very Important Presentation US Government
Virginia Initiative Plant Local
Volunteer Investment Program Organization
Versatile Infrastructure Platform Hardware
Visual Interactive Programming Software
Very Inclusive Party Community
Volunteers Increasing Performance Community
Virtual Instruction Processor Unclassified
Very Important Pee Unclassified
Victorious In-Play Unclassified
Vacuum Inject Pressurize Unclassified
Vastly Increased Payment Unclassified
Very Inconvenient Posturing Unclassified
Very Important Potatoes Miscellaneous
Very Important Parkies Miscellaneous
Verticle Inboard Propulsion Miscellaneous
Very Irritating Pain Miscellaneous
Vocal Illustrated Project Unclassified
Very Important Pheresis Unclassified
Volunteers Invaluable Participants Business
Volunteers of International Paper Business
Values, Integrity, and Principles Law and Legal
Visitor Internet Point Internet
Various Individualistic Personalities Physiology
VVIP full form list Category
Very Very Important Parts Unclassified 
Very Very Idiotic People General
Voter Verification and Information Program Program
Very Very Insecure Person General
Very Very Important Project Project
Vanpool Voucher Incentive Program Program

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Frequently asked questions

1. Who are VIP and VVIP in India?

vip full form

Chief Justice of India, President of India, PM, CM, Governor of State, Celebrity, Cricketers, Political leaders, Minister of India, Top officers in India, etc.

2. What is the full form of NSG and SPG?

NSG – National Security Guard
SPG – Special Protection Force

3.Which is the primary security measurement in India?

There are four types of security measures in India.
1.Z plus Security
2.Z Security
3.Y security
4.X security

4. How many Commandos and Personnel in Z+ security?

Its proposals cover security measures 36 armed personal, including NSG (National Security Guards) and SPG (Special Protection Group).

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