OBC full form: must know SC, ST &EWS full form

What is the full form of OBC, SC, ST, and EWS ?

OBC full form is derived as:

Reservation system in India

As per the Indian constitution, there are two main purposes to deliver the reservation.

DSP full form– DSP kaise bane?, DSP salary

IG full form – IG kaise bane?, IG salary

  1. Development of SC (Scheduled Castes), ST ( Scheduled Castes), OBC(Other Backward Classes), EWS (Economically Weaker sections)- under article 15(4), Article 15 (5), and Article 15 (6).
  2. Sufficient representation of any EWS (Economically weaker sections). – Under Article 16 (4) and Article 16 (6).

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These three OBC, SC and ST categories are created by the Government of India because of giving them reservation for equality in India. These reservations formula are given in the Constitution of India.

These categories are created because Central and State governments provided them special packages and to create them the same in wealth, alive, religion matter, and equality.

Beginning of the Indian Constitution (1950), only Scheduled Castes(SC) and Scheduled Tribes(ST) given the reservation benefits. 37 years later, Other Backward Category (OBC) category is added after the execution of B.P. Mandal committee report

Full form of OBC

OBC Caste

OBC full form is Other Backward Classes. In Indian history, most of these people like farmers, workers, Animal Husbandry, small business, poultry are included in OBC (Other Backward Classes) category which is weak in terms of economically, socially, and education.

obc full form
OBC full form

52% of OBC caste people were counted to the Indian population in 1980 by B.P.Mandal committee report in V.P. Singh Sarkar.
In the Indian constitution, 27% reservation is given to OBC people who are socially and economically weak.

At present, Indian and all State government has removed all types of difficulties and helpful a good chance to go ahead.
To protect OBC rights, the central Indian government created National Commission for Backward Classes(NCBC) under article 338(B). (102nd constitutional amendment Act, 2018)

Other all OBC full form

OBC full form listCategory
Online Babyfur CommunityCommunity
Orange Berg ClicUnclassified
Optical Bar Camera
(U-2 sensor)
Oriental Basketball ClubBasketball
Oden Bunka Centercompany
Outboard Boating ClubRacing Sports
On-Board CameraNASA
Oprah’s Book ClubNews and Media
Organization for Bat ConservationNGO
Ontario Building CodeArchitecture
Outline Business CaseBusiness
Occoquan Boat ClubClubs
Office of Bar CounselUnclassified
Ohio Building CodeUnclassified
Objective Body ConsciousnessPsychology
Outward Bills for CollectionBanking

SC full form

SC full form in caste category is Scheduled Castes and also popular name as Supreme Court in Indian Judicial court.

SI full form – SI kaise bane? SI salary, SI work

PI full form – PI kaise bane? PI salary, PI work

Scheduled Category people are poor and no allowed to going to the temple and taking education because they were worked of clean mud water and toilet, according to Indian history books.

In the Indian Constitution, 15% reservation is given to Scheduled Caste by the Indian government.
To protect Scheduled Castes rights, the central Indian government created National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) under article 338. ( constitutional amendment Act, 2003)

All other SC full form list

SC full form listCategory
Shopping CenterGeneral Business
Second ClassPosition
Smart CardComputer Hardware
South CarolinaUSA state
Supreme CourtCourt
Scheduled CasteIndia
Santa CruzCity
Source CodeSoftware
Self ContainerMilitary
Silver CityCity
Stock CarCar
Storage ControComputing
Special ConstablePolice

ST full form

The full form of ST is derived as Scheduled Tribes. Mostly ST people living in the jungle or any alone residence without having a good relation with humanity.

ST full form

They are mostly live in the forest or where none go there.
This people’s life is very different against normal people because of their culture, eating style, dressing, festival is different from other normal people.

In the Indian Constitution, 7.5% reservation is given to Scheduled Caste by the Indian government.
To protect Scheduled Castes rights, the central Indian government created National Commission for Scheduled Tribes(NCST) under Article 338 (A). ( constitutional amendment Act, 2003)

All other ST full form list

ST full form listCategory
Short TermBusiness
Standard TimeTime zone
Special TreatmentGovernment
Special TopicsUniversities
Speech TherapyPhysiology
Special TextMilitary
State TransformationScience
Sport TouringSports
Street ThunderTransportation
Single TaskUnclassified
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Station TimedTransportation
Simulation ToolkitSoftware
Sport TechnologyTechnology
Science TechnologyTechnology

Full form of EWS

EWS full form is derived as Economically Weaker Sections.
The central government of India newly presented EWS reservation in the Indian constitution.
For EWS or Backward classes people 10% quota is delivered among General Category in all Indian government Naukri and all Indian education institutions.

In the Indian Constitution, 10% reservation is given to Scheduled Caste by the central Indian Government. (103rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 2019).

All other EWS full form list

EWS full form listCategory
Early Warning SystemMilitary
Early Warning ScoreMedical
Environmental Waste SolutionsEnvironment
Earth-Water ScienceAcademic & Science
Exchange Web ServiceUnclassified
Employee Written SoftwareLaw and Legal
Engineered Wood SystemsUnclassified
Everyone Works SundaysFunnies
Electronic Watchdog SystemElectronics
Economically Weaker SectionsReservation of India
Electrical Wafer SortingAssembly
Emulate Weak SectorsMilitary
Emergency War SurgeryMilitary
Electric, Water, SewerGovernmental
Environmental Water SystemsEnvironmental

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What OBC, ST, SC, EWS means?


1) OBC full form – Other Backward Classes
2) SC-Scheduled Castes
3) ST-Scheduled Tribes
4) EWS-Economically Weaker sections

2. Who comes under EWS quota in Indian reservation system?

EWS in India is a subcategory in India belonging to the General Category having an annual family income of less than ₹8,00,0000 and who don’t belong to any other category like Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes.

3.Which year B.P.Mandal Commission submitted his report?

B.P.Mandal Commission submitted his report in 1980 in V.P.Singh government.

4.What is the total reservation quota in India?

Total 60% reservation in the India.

5.Which caste included in ST caste category?

Ans. List of ST caste in India.Ad Dharmi,Hessi.
Baghi Nagalu, Jogi,Balimiki, Bhangi,Chuhra,Chuhre, Julaha,Julahe,Kabirpanthi, Keer,Bandhela, Kamoh, Dagoli,
Bangali, Kuroack,Banjara, Khatik,Bansi, Kori,Koli,
Barad, Loha, Vasava, Damor, and more other.

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