Mouse Full Form: Types of Mouse, history of Mouse

What is the Full Form of Mouse?

A mouse isn’t an acronym & mouse full form does not exist but generally can be described as Manually Operated’s User Selection Equipment. Its name is imitative from its figures, which expression like mice.

Popular names of mouse

  • Manually Operated User Selection Equipment
  • Mechanically Operated User Signal Engine
  • Mechanically Operated User Serial Engine

A mouse is a handheld pointing device surface-related two-dimensional development.

Douglas Engelbart inveted Computer Mouse in 1964.

douglas engelbert mouse

It is an input device used to select and execute objects on the computer. It is mostly used in every computer and communicates with computers/laptops either wired or wireless.

Types of Mouse

8 Different models are available for the mouse

  • Mechanical Mice
  • 3D mice
  • Gaming
  • Tactile
  • Gyroscopic and Inertial
  • Optical and Laser
  • Pucks types
  • Ergonomic

Mechanical Mice

The first Mechanical mouse was launched by German company Telefunken in 1968.

mechnical mouse

It Also related a ball mouse created by Bill in 1972.

It interchanges in any path. The ball mice have two freely spinning rollers. They are situated 90 degrees distant. One roller work forward and backward of mouse and other work left-right.

Modern mouse took from EPFL. This new design combined a single hard rubber mouse ball and 3 buttons.

Another type of these mice, the Analog mouse, uses Potentiometer.

3D Mice

These wireless mice were worn on a ring around a finger, which enabled the thumb to right to use three buttons

3d mouse

Its knows as flying mice, wands, etc. 3D ring mouse was presented Kantek in 1990.

A mouse-associated controller called the Spaceball. It directs both translations as well as angular displacements on six axes.

Gaming Mice

There are three styles of Grips available in Gaming mice:

  • Palm grip
  • Finger-tip grip
  • Claw grip

This mouse is specially designed for use in all types of online, offline, personal computer games.

Mostly gaming mice manufacturers also allow a user to customize their weight.


Logitech company launched tactile mice in 2000 that contained a small actuator to make them vibrate.

Gyroscopic & Inertial Mice

Gyroscopic and Inertial mice called as air mice. They don’t require a surface to work. Intertial mice are used for tuning fork or another Accelerometer to detect rotary movement for axis.

Laser and Optical Mice

This mouse uses a laser(coherent) light. The new LED mouse works on the opaque diffuse surface, but the earliest mice spotted movement on the pre-printed mousepad area.


Laser and Optical mice rely entirely on one, two, or more light-emitting diodes called as LEDs.

Pucks Mice

Some useful accessories used with Tablet digitizers are called Puck’s gadgets which rely on absolute positioning.

Ergonomic Mice

The Ergonomic Mouse intended to comfort & avoid injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, etc.

These mice are designed to fit natural hand position and movements, to increase comfort. In the beginning, we know mouse full form so, let’s know more about mouse history.

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History of Mouse

Mouse related device the Trackball was invented by Ralph Benjamin in 1946. Ralph’s plan used Computers to calculate the situation of target aircraft based on several input points distributed by a buyer with a Joystick and Kenyon Taylor developed another trackball.

The inventor of Computer Mouse is Douglas Engelbart in 1964. Douglas had established a research lab in the ARC (Augmentation Research Center) for developing Hardwar and Software Computer Technology.

The ARC team developed the first mouse prototypes. The oldest mouse cored joined to other parts of gadgets which shows like the tail of the mouse than it turns to resemble the new mice.

As the above note, The English author mentioned this mouse in the 1965 report. Douglas publicly said mouse would come to be known as The Mother of All Demos.

The first mouse used two potentiometers perpendicular to each other and connected to each wheel. One axis along into motion the rotation of wheel translated.

This team had been using their 2nd generation, Three-button mouse for about a year.

The German Company Telefunken was built a mouse device named Rolkugel ( German called – rolling ball) was shown as a free gadget for its SIG-100 terminal.


In 1973, The first computer designed for individual use was the Xerox Alto and was belonged as the 1st modern computer to utilize a mouse.

Logitech introduced the P-4 mouse, its first hardware mouse in 1982.

In 1982, Microsoft developed for its operating system Microsoft’s Disc Operating System (DOS) program MS- Word mouse compatible and invited the first Personal Computer compatible mouse than day by day more features added in mouse

Top Computer Mouse

1Logitech MX Master
2Logitech MS anywhere-2
3Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse
4Logitech Triathlon M-720
5Apple Magic Mouse-2
6Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile device Mouse-3600
7Razer Death Adder Chroma

Other mouse full form list

Mouse full form listcategory
Move Objects U See EasilyComputing » Hardware
Manually Operated User Selection EquipmentComputing » Hardware
Manually Operated Utility Source EquipmentMiscellaneous » Funnies
Medium Of Using System EquipmentMiscellaneous » Funnies
Minimum Orbital Unmanned Satellite of EarthGeneral » Unclassified
Manually Operating Utility Selecting EquipmentComputing » General Computing
Masters Of Underhanded Surgical EthicsGeneral » Funnies
Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and EducationCommunity » Educational

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the full form of M.O.U.S.E?

mouse full form

Ans.- Mouse full form is Manually Operated User Selection Equipment.
Other popular MOUSE name
1. Manually Operated User Selection Equipment
2. Mechanically Operated User Signal Engine
3. Mechanically Operated User Serial Engine

2. What is the different type of Mouse?

Ans. – There are main eight Different models are available for the mouse
1 )Mechanical Mice
2 ) 3D mice
5)Gyroscopic and Inertial
6)Optical and Laser
7)Pucks types

3.What are advantages of the Mouse?

Ans.-Some important advantages of mouse
1 ) Affordable Price for everyone.
2)Small size and easy to use anywhere.
3) It takes very little space for use.
4)It is possible to choose options faster.
5) multiple icons, files, or folders, images, videos, etc can be selected at once.

4.Which is the best wireless mouse in 2020?


Ans. – I will suggest Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device and MX Master 2S. also we suggest Microsoft Arc Mouse, Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed, Logitech M510, Razer Basilisk Ultimate.

5.What is the computer mouse?

Ans. – A mouse is a handheld pointing device surface-related two-dimensional development.
It is an input device used to select and execute objects on the computer. It is mostly used in every computer and communicates with computers/laptops either wired or wireless.

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