CPU Full Form in Computer: CPU types, Diagram, History

What is the Full Form of CPU?

CPU full form in computer is derived as





CPU Definition

CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit. CPU is also famous as the brain of the Computer, a Processor, Central   Processor, microprocessor, and main Processor. CPU is the part of a computer that manages all the other parts of the Computer.

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full form of cpu
CPU full form in computer

The Central Processing Unit works all Input/Output, Logical, Aptitude, Managing, Basic arithmetical Operations in the Computer Program.

Function of CPU

It receives instructions from hardware and software and provides output accordingly. It stores all the essential programs and other application software.

CPU is communicating with input and output to devise with each other. CPU is installed in the motherboard on some specific area, which is known as CPU socket.

CPU Components

  1. Memory Unit (it’s also called as MU)
  2. Arithmetic Logic Unit (it’s also called as ALU)
  3. Control Unit (it’s also called as CU)

CPU Diagram

CPU diagram

1) MU (Memory Unit)

All Informations, Data, Results, Directions are stored in MU. It’s also known as SU(Storage Device)

When Computers need information, this part provides all information, Data, and M.U. size also affects working hours, Power, Speed of the Computer.

Types of Memory Unit(MU):

i)Primary Memory

    II)Secondary Memory

i)Primary Memory

Primary Memory is known as RAM (Random Access Memory), Temporary Memory. It’s called Temporary Memory because whenever Computers turn off, it lost all data.

Primary Memory

Its size disturbs working hours, Power, Speed of the Computer.

ii) Secondary Memory

Secondary Memory is famous as ROM (Read Only Memory).

Example of ROM :-

Hard Disc, DVD, CD, Pen Drive, Card  Reader, etc.

secondary memory

Different Useful Function of Memory Unit(MU)

  • It stores managed results of somewhat type of a calculation
  • Storage Unit stores all the required order and Data which necessary for processing
  • This Unit spread outputs and Inputs Data

2) ALU full form

ALU full form is Aerith Matic Unit. ALU controls all arithmetic and Logical works. It displays the vital structure block of the central processing unit. In modern CPUs contain powerful ALUs and Control Unit (CU).

 Sub Category of ALU

i)Arithmetic Part

ii)Logic Part

i)Arithmetic Part

Arithmetic Part performed all arithmetic works such as Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Addition.

All complex operations and calculations are performed using the arithmetic functions.

ii)Logic Part

Logic Part performed all matching, paralleling, selecting, integration.

3) CU full form

CU full form Control Unit guides the action of the computer’s processor.

A CU delivery input information that it changes into a control signal which is sent to the CPU.

Control unit (CU) functions are:

  • It does not store the data.
  • It manages all parts of the Computer.
  • It interconnects with I/O devices of the computer for results from the Memory Unit(MU).

Types of Control Units (CU):

  1. Hardwired Control Unit
  2. Micro programmable Control Unit

Above we know CPU full form in computer, CPU definition, CPU diagram so let’s know the CPU components.

Computer CPU

Types of CPU

  1. Transistor CPUs
  2. Small Scale Integration CPUs
  3. Large Scale Integration CPUs

The parts of CPU (Central Processing Unit)

  1. MotherBoard
  2. Display Card
  3. H.D.D (Hard Disk)
  4. F.D.D (Floppy Disk Drive)
  5. R.A.M (Random Access Memory)
  6. R.O.M (Read Only Memory)
  7. S.M.P.S (Switch Mode Power Suppliers)
  8. A.L.U (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
  9. Cabinet
  10. Motherboard + Cooling System3
  11. Storage (SSD/HDD)
  12. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  13. Graphics Card

History of CPU

  • Bron J. Jackob  inverted Silicon(Si) in 1823
  • Nikola Tesla patented gates in 1903.
  • In 1947, William Shockley, Walter Brattain & John Bardeen discovered transistor and patented the first transistor in 1948.
  • Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce was invented Integrated Circuit (IC) in 1958.
  • The automatic mass-production capability was invented by International Business Machine(IBM) for transistors in 1960.
  • Gordon Moore & Robert Noyce was an inverted Intel corporation in 1968.
  • The first microprocessor was the Intel 4004 which was discovered Intel in 1971.
  • Sun company developed The SPARC processor in 1987.
  • AM386 microprocessor group developed AMD in 1991.
  • The Pentium processor introduced by Intel in 1993. This Pentium processor was 60 MHz.
  • AMD introduced the 800MHz Athlon processor, and Intel introduced the Celeron 533 MHz in 2000.
  • In 2001, Intel introduced 800 MHz Celeron processor and the 1.3 GHz Pentium four processor.
  • AMD introduced the first dual-core processor, and Intel introduced Core 2 Quad processor  Q6600 and Core 2 Duo processor E4300 in 2007.
  • Intel introduced the Core  i7 processor in 2008.
  • Intel introduced the first i3 mobile processors and the first i5 mobile processor in 2010.
  • Intel introduced the Core i3 desktop processor and Core i5 desktop processor in 2010.
  • Intel introduced their first Core i9 mobile processor (i9-8950) in 2018

Top CPU created Company name

  1. Intel
  2. AMD
  3. Nvidia
  4. Qualcomm
  5. Media Tek
  6. Motorola
  7. Hewlett- Packard
  8. Global Foundries
  9. Acer Inc.
  10. Sun

Other CPU full form in computer

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Command Processing Unit Military
Command Performing Unit        General
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Control Program Unit General
Core Processing Unit Hardware
Corporate Protection Unit General Business
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Custom Processing Unit News & Media
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Central Patrolling Unit General Computing
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California Pacific University Universities
Central Power Unit General
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Capacitance Potential Units Unit Measures

Frequently asked Questions

1. What are the components of the CPU?

1.Memory Unit / Storage Unit (MU/SU)

2.Arithmetic Logic Unit ( ALU)

3.Control Unit ( CU)

2.What is the full form of ROM and RAM?

RAM full form

RAM-Randon Access Memory
It’s called Temporary Memory because whenever Computers turn off, it lost all data.
ROM-Read Only Memory
Examples of ROM -Hard Disc, DVD, CD, Pen Drive, Card  Reader, etc.

3.Top Ten CPU company name?

Ans.-List of Ten CPU company Name
8.Acer inc.
9.Global Foundries
10.Media Tek

4. What are the Types of CPU and CPU full form?

1.Transistor CPUs
2.Small Scale Integration CPUs
3.Large Scale Integration CPUs
CPU full form – Central Processing Unit

5.Who invented the I.C. ?

Robert Noyce & Jack Kilby invented the IC ( Integrated Circuit).

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